[2016] Reborn

Here are the full pinyin transcriptions for the full Fire Ex. (滅火器) album entitled Reborn.  Enjoy!

Reborn01.  基隆路 (Keelung Road)
02. 最後兩禮拜 (Last Two Weeks)
03. Don’t You Fight (英文)
04. 十字路口 (Crossroad)
05. 台11 (Highway 11)
06. 南國的風 (Southern Wind)
07. 新歌四號 (You Give Love A Good Name)
08. 今天喝酒了 (Beer In Da House) (國語)
09. 繼續向前行 (Keep On Going)
10. 石垣好朋友 (Re:Hellow)
11. 最後一個 (To Her)
12. 早安台灣 (A New Day)